Social events and sport activities

PAAO.CAO 2023’s Party

The CAO Fest – Eye Ball PAAO-YO and Rebecos’ Party is scheduled on Friday, March 17. More info.

Golf tournament

It will take place on March 16, 2023 at the spectacular Los Lagartos Country Club golf course. Fully booked. More info.

Mixed soccer tournament

An exciting tournament that will take place on Thursday, March 16, at the Salguero Futbol facilities. Fully booked. More info.

Mixed double tennis

An exciting mixed double tennis competition that will take place at the prestigious Racket Club on Thursday, March 16. Fully booked. More info.

3k marathon

Exciting 3-kilometer race at Salguero Eventos on Sunday, March 19. Fully booked. More info.

Presidents’ cocktail

A cocktail for the presidents of ophthalmology societies will be held on Thursday, March 16 in “Hotel Emperador”. Attendance by invitation only.

PAOF Show & Dinner

Show & Dinner at Madero Tango (Puerto Madero), organized by the Pan-American Foundation of OOphthalmology (PAOF). Register here.