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10 best wines in Argentina

The Winemakers is a contest where the winemakers themselves evaluate their own wines and choose a winner. In a training space in a very special atmosphere of camaraderie. The blind tasting procedure, established in many national and international wine competitions, was the one chosen for The Winemakers.

In this meeting, 66 wines were tasted, and each of the evaluated bottles is assigned a number and covered with a red bag so that none of the tasters can see the name of the label. For the participants it is the opportunity to hear the opinion of their peers in the wine industry about their wines and also to meet their own wines blind.

The top ten:

Rank 1: Lui District Blend de Parcelas Appellation Los Chacayes 2018 (Lui Wines)

Winemaker Mauricio Vegetti Lui.

Rank 2: Dedicado Gran Corte 2020 (Finca Flichman)

Winemaker Rogelio Rabino.

Rank 3: Hermandad Winemaker Series Cabernet Franc 2019 (Falasco Wines)

Winemaker Alejandro Cánova.

Rank 4: Los Helechos Designados Cabernet Franc (Los Helechos)

Winmaker Marcelo Parolaro.

Rank 5: Victorio Altieri Gran Reserva Malbec 2020 (Vinorum)

Winemaker Victoria Prandina.

Rank 6: Ameri Malbec 2020 (Domaine Bousquet)

Winemaker Rodrigo Serrano. 


Gran Vin Blend 2018 (Bodega Antucura). Winemaker Mauricio Ortiz.

La Isabel Estate Malbec 2020 (Huentala Wines). Winemaker José Morales.

Rank 8: Trinitá Gran Reserva Blend 2020 (Piattelli Vineyards)

Winemaker Valeria Antolín.

Rank 9: Salentein Single Vineyard El Tomillo Malbec 2019 (Bodegas Salentein)

Winemaker Jorge Cabeza. 

Rank 10: Diamandes de Uco Malbec 2019 (Bodega Diamandes)

Winemaker Ramiro Balliro.